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My goal when performing for you and your guests is to give you the absolute best show I can. That's one of the first things I was taught when starting in this business in 1976. I think that philosophy is one of the reasons I have been blessed to have the number of repeat clients and referrals from satisfied clients that I have received. Before I address some things to consider, one thing I always want my clients to know is that when you book me, you get me.  I will not sub out your event to another DJ to play another one for more money. In all my years of performing, I have only had to cancel one job - when my mother was dying of cancer. In 1997 I suffered a tibia & fibula fracture and still performed, although I was in a wheel chair with a full leg cast!

You can find anybody to plug an mp3 player into a speaker and play music for you. Just because someone has sound equipment and some music does not necessarily make them a "DJ" or a "Master of Ceremonies" when you add a microphone.  I can be as "active" or as "laid back" as you want when I play and MC your event. Whether you want a lot of dance music of various genres or mostly background music, the choice is yours as I will follow your direction. If you want the audience entertained and involved, that is no problem! One of the best compliments I ever received was when a bride told me "I was worried about nobody dancing and having a good time, but you made the party!"

  Also, don't worry about me showing up to play in shorts and flip flops for your event. I may arrive that way for set up, but by show time, I am dressed properly for the occasion.



I play for more weddings each year than I do for any other type of event. It's a couple's special day and one they will remember for a lifetime. Once I am booked, I offer my couples some information I have compiled that helps in planning their reception. This comes in handy especially when there is no formal wedding director. In the absence of someone designated by the bridal couple, I will also be glad to act as the director for the reception to insure things run smooth and on schedule. So as you can see, when you book me for your wedding (or any event) you not only get an experienced DJ, you get a seasoned Master of Ceremonies and someone who can help in keeping your reception or other event on schedule.

 For all events I always ask the client for special song requests prior to the event. As vast as my music library is, in case I do not have that special song, I will have time to acquire it. I love playing requests from event guests (of course unless it is on the client's "do not play" list) and try to play them in a timely manner. If you have someone coming in dressed as Marilyn Monroe to sing "Happy Birthday" to the honoree, that's no problem. I have a microphone for Marilyn to use!
(This did happen at an 80th birthday party)

To sum up this section, let me add that I will do everything reasonable and within my power to make it a memorable event.


Although I am closely associated with Beach Music, that is not all that I play. When people ask me what I have, I tell them "about anything from Alabama to ZZ Top and in between". My library extends from the 1940's to today's music, including Big Band, Country, Disco, Oldies, Motown, Rock, Hip Hop, Top 40, Doo Wop, Soul, Blues, Rap, Reggae, Zydeco, Gospel and more! The only songs I decline to play are those with explicit lyrics. In those cases, if I have the radio friendly edit, I will play it. As stated previously, what you want to be played is very important, but if there are any songs you do not want played, that is just as important, so just let me know! Everything I play is on the hard drive of my computers. I do not download on the fly and play, play from a guest's device or play from streaming services or YouTube. That is a recipe for musical disaster.



 When you are planning a special event, you want to get the "most bang for your buck" without having to take out a loan to pay for it. I'm just like you in that aspect. However, there is some truth in the adage "you get what you pay for". I try to keep my fees reasonable and fair. In fact, 2021 was the first time I increased my rates in 7 years!

The fee quoted to you is what you will pay for the contracted amount of time. For example if you contract me from 7:00pm until 11:00pm, you pay for those four hours, even if I arrive at 5:00pm to set up.  I do not charge extra for mileage, set up time or break down time. My fee is all inclusive. In case your event is going so well that you want me to play longer, we simply follow the fee structure as outlined in your contract for additional hours.


I do require a contract to be signed by the client and an advance partial payment received by the date indicated on the contract. All requirements and conditions I have are listed on the contract. For outdoor events, a special Outdoor Rider is attached to the contract. After receiving these, I will make a copy of the contract with both our signatures and send a copy to the client.

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